Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Fourth Reich

We received the following statement in an e-mail from the National Republican Senatorial Committee:

"Last week we witnessed the swearing-in of the 111th Congress. As newly elected and recently re-elected members took their oaths of office, they put aside the partisanship of the fall campaign season and turned their attention to working together on behalf of their constituents.

Unfortunately, not everyone demonstrated a willingness to rise above the bitter partisan rancor. Despite telling Politico that he was "planning to trade in the fiercely partisan tirades against Senate Republicans" and would be "rolling out the new feel-good Reid model," Senate Democrat Leader Harry Reid continues to rule the Senate with an iron-clad, ultra-partisan fist.

For the past few weeks, Senator Norm Coleman's office has remained open for constituent work under a good-faith agreement between Senators Reid and Mitch McConnell, as the unprecedented and still-unresolved Minnesota Senate election has wound its way through the lengthy legal process.

Allowing the office to remain open for a short period of time to conclude outstanding constituent cases ensures that the people of Minnesota do not suffer as a result of the ongoing election dispute. One of the most important responsibilities of Senate offices is to help citizens navigate the maze of the federal bureaucracy.

Regrettably, on Tuesday, in a blatant act of partisanship, Harry Reid broke his word. He locked Senator Coleman's office and denied his staff access to urgent and ongoing casework.

Notably, this came just hours after Senator Coleman's campaign requested a fair and nonpartisan legal review of the counted ballots as is their right under Minnesota law.
It's hard to believe those two actions are not connected.

By going back on his word and locking Senator Coleman's office, Harry Reid is advancing his partisan agenda at the cost of the people of Minnesota. He's putting politics above principle and punishing Minnesotans for partisan gain.

The American people deserve better treatment from their elected representatives. "

We hear that Harry has already begun the process of choosing a campaign manager for his 2010 reelection bid. Could that be because his approval rating is at an all-time low in Nevada? Yet he doesn't seem to understand that it's tactics like the one in the above statement that further erode any last morsel of credibility on to which he may be trying to cling.

In addition to Reid's partisan antics, it appears that Nancy Pelosi believes that she is the female Lenin. On Glenn Beck's program today, Congresswoman Michele Bachmann from Minnesota said this about Comrade Pelosi: "There are very, very few Democrats who are gutsy enough to not vote with Nancy Pelosi. This woman rules with a titanium fist, a very tight ship, and she just threatened the, quote, conservative Democrats that if they don't vote for this stimulus plan that she will take away from them their one-week recess that they have to be back in their district in February."

Reid, Pelosi, and their proteges in Washington are what the American people are up against. If we don't fight them now, we might not have the freedom to fight them later.

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