Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Pray Without Ceasing

Now it's time to see just what kind of a president Obama will be. He had the most liberal record in the Senate, yet he gives lip service to the conservatives. He claims to want to work toward solutions to our country's woes in a bipartisan manner, yet his immediate agenda items include federal funding for worldwide abortions, closing Guantanamo Bay, and enacting tougher "hate crimes" legislation, just to name a few. Just a side note: Would members of the LDS church be included as a protected group under the tougher hate crimes laws, considering the threats they received after using their Constitutional rights to support Proposition 8? But we digress.

This Country already has one foot in the door toward socialism. If Obama is allowed to carry through with all of his plans, we can kiss capitalism goodbye and say hello to big government and higher taxes with which to pay for that big government. There will be more social programs like socialized health care, but the wait for services will be months--just ask any Canadian, Britain, or Australian. Can anyone think of a government program that has been run well? The latest statistic we heard regarding medicare is that it has a 30% fraud rate--one of every three persons who use medicare is using it fraudulently. We would bet that those statistics would be true for many other social programs.

Dick Morris wrote an excellent article for addressing these issues. This link will take you to that article:

We've heard many people say that we need to pray that Obama is a successful president, but we agree with Rush Limbaugh. We don't want Obama to be successful with his far left ideas and programs. We'll pray for this country and hope that too much damage isn't done before its citizens become weary of the arrogant representatives who sit in Congress now. We will pray that the people will say "enough is enough" and throw the bums out. We will pray that somehow the people will be able to turn this country back to its Judeo-Christian belief system.


Now for something to smile about and speaking of Christian beliefs, one Sunday Edie was teaching her six-year-old Primary class about how Jesus taught us to be forgiving and the example of forgiveness that He gave us. To emphasize this point, Edie asked the class what Jesus said when He was hanging on the cross. One energetic little boy responded loudly and fervently to the question with this reply: “The last supper will be mine!”


cynphil6 said...
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cynphil6 said...

Ugh!! We are definitely in prayer mode around here. We'll have to commiserate together!
Thanks for stopping by our blog!
Love reading yours.
Maybe "the last supper will be ours" someday! We could "roast" Reid!