Thursday, January 8, 2009

United We Stand...

We haven't really blogged about politics for a few weeks, probably because thinking about it gives us an aneurysm, but it can't be ignored any longer. The schemers, crooks, liars, and idiots (aka politicians) hand us blog fodder on a silver platter.

Much has been said of Illinois politics lately and how its way of doing business isn't much different from when there was mob rule in the state. It's just a little more covert now than it was then. We don't hear anymore of gangsters driving by a restaurant where patrons are exiting and riddling them with bullets from their machine guns; however, it seems to us that Illinois politics are business as usual. Harry Reid has been adamant that the Senate would not seat Roland Burris, who was appointed by the scandalized governor of Illinois to fill Obama's Senate seat. (By the way, the appointment is legal, but either Harry doesn't think the rules apply to him, or he's just ignorant.) Evidently a phone call from Obama changed his mind. John Kass wrote an excellent article about this for the Chicago Tribune. The link is below:,0,6293839.column

Another topic that just keeps rearing its ugly head is socialized medicine, or the more politically-correct title, universal health care. We've blogged about this before. It isn't working in other countries that have enacted laws providing for it, but Americans seem oblivious to those facts. Politicians are anxious to see it implemented in the United States, because the more programs the government controls, the more power the politicians have. And politicians have excellent private health care, better than any of us can get, and it's paid for with our tax dollars. They'll never be in a position to use universal healthcare, but evidently it's okay for the little people. The link below will take you to an article written by Thomas Sowell for the National Review Online. In it he refers and links to another article written by Sally C. Pipes. We recommend reading both articles.

While the government may not be run by the Chicago mob, the current "mob" in Washington, DC, may have learned their politics from the original mob. Beat up, beat back, beat down the people who are in the way of their goals while offering us deals we seem unable to refuse. This spring Harry Reid is planning to push through an amnesty program for illegal aliens, even though the majority of American people are opposed to it. Congress is going to try to shove universal healthcare on us whether it's good for us or not. Even the liberal media is on their team, pushing Barack Obama as the best presidential candidate while telling Obama's dissenters that they're racists for voting against him. They might beat us up, they'll try to beat us back and beat us down, but they can't knock us out completely unless we choose not to get back up and continue the fight. Let's stand together and fight for our God-given right to choose for ourselves.

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